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Wake Up Or Die!

My Life As An Addict

Book by: Taylor Mulder

For the longest time of my life, all I could remember thinking was that I wanted to feel “normal.” I didn’t know what to do, say, or think in almost every situation in my life, until I found drugs. Using drugs, and living that lifestyle, gave me that sensation back of what, at the time, I felt was “normal.”

Ironically enough struggling to find that feeling of “normal” and always having the idea of living the fantasy life, with no worries, a strong and stable life, and being wanted by those around me, as well as fitting into society. Drugs gave me this fantasy feeling of fulfilling all of these ideas, of what I thought was “normal.” Taking me to depths of my life that I either swore I would never go, or never even knew existed, wanting to fit in and take me out of the reality of my real world.

Little did I know, I was “normal.” For someone like myself struggling with health issues, as well as the disease of addiction, I was living a normal life, until I found myself so wrapped up in this world of which I swore I would never become apart of, did I realize that all I wanted was to be able to get out, and be that normal.

Having tried almost everything with my own will power to stop and get out of the life I was living, not only every attempt that I made on my own failed, but also every time I thought I had got out, and was on my way to that “normal life”…did I find myself right back in the depths of addiction worse and worse every time.

"Enough is enough! This is where it ends! I know you're using. You're high right now. You're coming with me!" And with that, Lane practically dragged me to his house.

I was at my lowest of all lows, breaking every promise to myself and everyone around me. But the question I always asked myself and always knew the answer to, but didn’t know how to apply it was this: “Do I give up, or just keep trying?”
Which way would I go?
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Book: Wake Up Or Die
Author: Taylor Mulder
ISBN #: 978-0-9959947-0-6

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